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Air Filter Adhesive

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people pay attention to the quality of air and water. Air conditioners, water purifiers, air purifiers, car air purifiers, etc, hot melt glue types are increasingly used in people's lives. As a result, the demand for air and water filter adhesive suppliers has also increased. Hot melt adhesives are also widely used in filters. Filters are mainly divided into air filters and oil filters. Air filter adhesive is mainly used in air filters. Filter adhesive is a bonding solution designed for the air and liquid filtration systems. Air Filter Adhesive is an essential component for the production of air filters. According to air filter adhesive material, it can be divided into EVA based hot melt adhesive and polyolefin hot melt adhesive. EVA hot melt adhesive is relatively cheap and economical. Although PO hot-melt adhesive is slightly more expensive, it has good bonding strength and anti-yellowing resistance and is deeply loved by high-end customers. The hot melt adhesive glue used in the process is mainly in three aspects: the folding and shaping of the filter paper, the bonding of the filter frame and the filter paper, and the frame-filling and sealing.

  • Filter Pleated Paper Glue Filter Pleated Paper Glue
    Our product is excellent anti-yellowing, odorless, has no wire drawing, environmental-friendly, cost-effective.
  • Filter Frame Fixing Glue Filter Frame Fixing Glue
    With the advantage of odorless, no wire drawing, environmental-friendly, cost-effective, our product is suitable for filter frame assembly, Filter lid seaming, center parts filling, filter stitching seaming.

How To Choose Air Filter Adhesive

There are two main factors affecting the product performance of air filters: one is the fluidity and the other is the bonding strength of the two-component polyurethane potting adhesive, which are also two very key factors in the quality assessment of air filter adhesive. The fluidity of filter glue is mainly determined by viscosity, the smaller the viscosity, the better the fluidity, the larger the viscosity, the worse the fluidity. The bonding strength of the air filter adhesive refers to how much force is needed to separate the filter paper from the aluminium, so naturally the greater the bonding strength of the filter, the better the quality of the product.

For air filter laminates, the hot melt film is generally thinner, e.g. 8g, 10g, 12g, 15g, 20g, etc. If high temperature resistance is required then polyamide based hot melt adhesives is chosen, if high temperature resistance is not required then eva adhesive glue can also be chosen.

Air Filter Adhesive Advantages

High adhesive strength: Air filter adhesive is designed to provide strong bonding between various materials such as metal, non-woven fabrics, and filter paper. This ensures that the filter components stay securely in place, even under challenging conditions.

Good flowability: The filter adhesive has excellent flow properties, making it easy to apply and ensuring even distribution across the bonding surfaces. This results in a uniform and reliable bond between the different filter components. 

Anti-aging properties: Air filter adhesive is formulated to resist degradation and maintain its performance over time, ensuring that the bond remains intact and the filter components stay securely in place for an extended period.

Excellent water resistance: As one of the professional filter adhesive manufacturers, our air filter adhesive exhibits strong resistance to water, preventing any loss of adhesive strength or bonding failure when exposed to moisture or high humidity levels. This is particularly important for air filters, as they often come into contact with moisture during regular use.

Versatility in applications: Air filter adhesive is suitable for a variety of bonding, filling, and sealing applications between metal materials, such as rhetoric plates, aluminum plates, and filter media like non-woven fabrics and filter paper. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for different types of air filters.

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