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Hot Melt Adhesive for Fabric and Shoes PO, EVA, SBC

Renhe supplies good bonding strength, cost-effective hot melt adhesives for footwear and textile apllication. With stable quality and competitive price, our wholesale hot melt adhesives,such as hot melt adhesive film for textile fabric and flexible glue for shoes have been welcomed at home and abroad. 

For applicatiions in footwear indusry, we offer industrial shoe glue with good permeability to diversified substrates. Applicatoins are range from sports shoes pasting glue, hiking shoes glue, glue for running shoes and leather shoes, etc. Shoe making glue are widely used in parts of toe puff, back counter, interlining, sponge, edge folding, insole, seaming, velcro, etc. We also expended product range for shoe decorations and shoe boxes, adapting to manual work, semi-auto and auto operation.

For hot melt adhesive film for textile fabric, such as flyknink, polyster, leather, etc, our hot melt glue for nylon have excellent washability, great bonding strength, softness and cost-effectivity. We supply hot melt adhesives in the forms of film, granulates, blocks, which can be applied according to different operating processes. our REN HE special professional on hot melt glue for shoes material. we had our own 30% market in the Chinese shoe market. we are one of the most top hot melt glue suppliers the industry. 

  • Toe Puff and Back Counter Glue Toe Puff and Back Counter Glue
    with excellent bonding strength, moderate hardness cost-effective. Products are suitable for toe puff, chemical sheets. It can be used in a hot melt tank or extruder.
  • Shoes Interlining Glue Shoes Interlining Glue
    With good hardness, fastness, high-temperature resistance, and easy operation, products can be applied in various shoe materials (such as leather, non-woven fabric, polyester, nylon).
  • Sponge Glue Sponge Glue
    With strong adhesion and good weather resistance, applications covering sponge on sports shoes, travel shoes, and casual shoes.
  • Edge Folding Glue Edge Folding Glue
    Products have excellent appearance, high bonding strength, which work with edge folding machines.
  • Seam Pressure Glue Seam Pressure Glue
    Strong adhesion, good weather resistance, our products are suitable for shoe leather press seaming and require a hammer flat machine.
  • Velcro / Hook & Loop Glue Velcro / Hook & Loop Glue
    High bonding strength, cost-effective, our products are workable for bonding velcro on shoes.
  • Shoes Boxes Glue Shoes Boxes Glue
    Fast setting time, no wire drawing, easy operation, we provide hot melt adhesives for auto/semi-auto and manual operations.
  • Shoes Decorations Glue Shoes Decorations Glue
    With excellent bonding strength, our product performs well on various materials, such as fabric/plastic flowers, rhinestone, etc.
  • Flyknik and Leather Lamination Flyknik and Leather Lamination
    We provide competitive glue for fly knit and leather, which is soft, flexible, has good bonding adhesion, high-temperature resistance, cost-effective.
  • Epaulet Glue Epaulet Glue
    Our hot glue has high bonding strength, flame resistance, which is suitable for various fabrics.
  • Suitcases and Luggage Glue Suitcases and Luggage Glue
    For luggage interior fabric, plastic part bonding, our adhesive is easy to operate, has high bonding strength, no wire drawing, cost-effective.

Rhadhesive Glue for Polyester Fabric and Nylon

We are professional scientific research and development technology, proficient product production process and perfect external sales channels as one of the environmental protection hot melt adhesive production, research and marketing company, many years of peer research and development experience, all glue for polyester fabric and hot melt glue for nylon are based on customers and market demand, independent research and development. If you are ready to start experimenting with hot melt adhesives, or your requirements are different from your counterparts, if you trust us, we will definitely help you solve your problems.

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