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Automotive Adhesive Glue

Hot melt adhesives are the most environmentally friendly and suitable for high-speed automatic assembly line operations. Today's automobile industry is developing rapidly. With the improvement of the auto production level, the automobile industry needs a large number of fast bonding and can adapt to high-speed automated production and environmentally friendly adhesives. Hot melt adhesives can meet all the above requirements, so hot melt adhesives are used in automobiles. Industrial applications are becoming more and more widespread, and the amount of use is increasing year by year, and it has become an irreplaceable type of rubber in the automotive industry. The reason for this trend is determined by the characteristics of the hot melt adhesive itself.

1. Fast curing speed, suitable for modern high-speed assembly-line operation.

2. There is a wide range of bonding materials. Automobiles are mainly composed of a large number of metal and non-metal parts. Hot melt adhesives are suitable for bonding such products. Such as ABS, PP, PE, felt, etc. which are widely used in automobiles.

3. Convenient construction, hot melt adhesive can be applied in many ways, such as spraying, roller coating, scraping and so on.

4. Hot melt adhesive is 100% solid content, convenient to store, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

5. Nowadays, the world's resources are tight. Many automobile companies have considered recycling resources after scrapped cars when producing cars. Hot melt adhesives have the characteristics of heating and melting, which is more advantageous in car recycling and dismantling.

Most hot melt adhesives have been used in automobiles, but different parts and uses will choose different types of hot melt adhesives. According to the purpose and construction temperature, it can be divided into ordinary type and heat-resistant type. Automobiles are mainly driven outdoors, and hot melt adhesives are generally required to have certain heat resistance. The temperature resistance of many products of our company can reach above 90℃. If classified by material, there are EVA, rubber, APAO, PUR, PA, PES, etc., and the shapes include block, film, rod, granule and powder.

  • Seat Assmbly Glue Seat Assmbly Glue
    With advantages of excellent temperature resistance from -20 to 90℃, high bonding strength, environmentally friendly, our products are suitable for a seat to assemble in autos, also can be used for baby car seats.
  • Ceilling Assmbly Glue Ceilling Assmbly Glue
    Our product offers excellent temperature resistance (90℃), high bonding strength, environmentally friendly suitable for car ceiling assemble.
  • Felt Glue Felt Glue
    For felt bonding, our product has low volatile emission, moderate open time, high bonding strength.
  • Car Headlamp Glue Car Headlamp Glue
    Products for car headlights have high thermal stability, moderate open time, and high bonding strength.
  • Car Mirror Glue Car Mirror Glue
    Our product provides perfect performance for bonding mirror in vehicle assembly, with enough open time and short setting time.
  • Carpet Assmbly Glue in Car Truck Carpet Assmbly Glue in Car Truck
    Hot glue can be used for trunk carpet assembly, which offers great cohesion and thermal stability.
  • Battery Assmbly Glue Battery Assmbly Glue
    Hot melt adhesives are also used for positioning other parts, such as the battery, electrical machinery, etc.
  • Low VOC Glue Low VOC Glue
    With distinctive advantages of eco-friendly and economics, hot melt is widely used in auto industry. we provide RoHS & REACH certified hot melt adhesives. The adhesive applications can be automotive seat assembly, automotive headliner, headlamp, air filter, etc.

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