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Medical Adhesive for Skin

Medical hot melt adhesives such as medical glue for lacerations and  medical glue for stitches have sensitization requirements because they are in direct contact with the skin. Many small workshop hot melt manufacturers did not meet this requirement. Our medical hot melt adhesive has passed SUZHOU University sensitization, irritation, toxicity three test reports. Our protective suit string glue is developed during the COVID-19 epidemic. The protective hot melt adhesive glue produced by our company can be used for the production of 200 million sets of protective suit, which has made a good contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic in China and the world. Inquiry for more hot melt glue types.

  • Protective Suit Sealing Strip Glue Protective Suit Sealing Strip Glue
    For a protective suit, we provide the glue for sealing stripes, with low initial viscosity, high operating speed, strong adhesion.
  • Nose Strip of Mask Glue Nose Strip of Mask Glue
    We provide medical-grade hot melt adhesives that pass sensitization, irritation, toxicity tests.
  • Band-aid Glue Band-aid Glue
    Our product has great bonding strength and can be easily removed, which passes sensitization, irritation, toxicity tests.

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