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Hangzhou Ren He Hot Melt Adhesive Co., Ltd.

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Hot melt adhesives are widely used in household life, such as refrigerators, mattresses, carpets, DIY, etc.

Regardless of the application, our company can recommend suitable hot melt adhesive products to buyers. Help buyers achieve commercial success! 

  • Refrigerator Sealing Glue Refrigerator Sealing Glue
    Good elasticity, weather resistance, odorless and easy operation. Suitable for refrigerator sealing, and has been unanimously recognized by worldwide well-known refrigerator factories.
  • Bed Mattress Glue Bed Mattress Glue
    We offer adhesives with moderate viscosity, easy operation, odorless, cost-effective, which is suitable for spring combination for mattresses and sofas.
  • Anti-slip Glue for Carpet Anti-slip Glue for Carpet
    Excellent anti-slip performance, cost effective, which is suitable for different substrates, which are operating on the back of the carpet.
  • Wallpaper Glue Wallpaper Glue
    We provide products that are odorless, stringless, easy to operate, and cost-effective.
  • DIY Glue DIY Glue
    Our hot melt glue sticks are suitable for diverse applications, such as crafts, plastics, non-woven fabrics, cartons, etc. It is widely used in house repairing, school handwork.

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