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Packaging Adhesive

Hot melt packaging adhesive sealing technology has replaced the traditional bundled packaging glue, tape packaging, and water-based, oil-based adhesive carton packaging with it is the advantage of high efficiency in hot glue types, convenience, and environmental protection. Packaging hot melt has been widely used in carton packaging, labels, and straws of various beverages, food, and cosmetics. Whether it is ordinary corrugated cartons, kraft cartons or color boxes, laminated cartons ( which are difficult to bond ), etc, we will recommend the best hot melt packaging systems solution for you from hot melt glue China.

  • Cardboard Sealing Glue Cardboard Sealing Glue
    Our packaging glue can be used on corrugated boxes, film-coated cartons, and small colored boxes. Our hot glue for cardboard boxes are with high adhesion performance and low cost.
  • Label Glue Label Glue
    Packaging hot melt adhesive has perfect bonding strength on plastic bottles(PET, PP, PE), iron cans, glass bottles, etc., which can adapt to operating speed.
  • Bags Glue Bags Glue
    Hot melt glue have excellent bonding strength, low odor., which can be applied in paper bags(including bottom, side, and string), kraft bags and plastic bags, etc.
  • EPE Foam Glue EPE Foam Glue
    With low odor, anti-yellowing, no wire drawing, wide temperature suitability, our EPE foam adhesive can be used for EPE board assembly, EPE to corrugated board, etc.
  • Bottle Caps Glue Bottle Caps Glue
    Our packaging hot melt are widely used on wine bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, etc. products have good initial tack and bonding strength, with no wire drawing, which is suitable for diverse substrates.
  • Straw Tube Glue Straw Tube Glue
    Packaging glue offer great attachments of straws with Tetrapak, SIG Combibloc, and Ecolean in consideration of production speed compliance and perfect bonding strength.
  • Wet Wipes Cover Cap Wet Wipes Cover Cap
    Moderate open time, high bonding strength, packaging adhesive provide high performance for wet wipes cover cap( PE coated plastic and PP material).
  • Spectacle Case Glue Spectacle Case Glue
    For the usage of glasses boxes, we offer packaging hot melt that operate easily and are cost-effective. Products can be used for outside and inside part fixing.

Packaging Adhesive Advantages In Various Solutions

Adhesive is one of the most important materials in packaging, and it is widely used in the production of printing paper and packaging. The use of hot melt adhesive in carton and paper box production has great advantages: beautiful, does not affect the printing scheme of the packaging; convenient transportation protection, storage management; conducive to automated equipment, improve efficiency; green, save resources, protect the environment. Common case include epe foam glue for gifts, fragile packaging materials processing industry. 

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