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Hangzhou Renhe Hot Melt Adhesive Co., LTD is a Chinese well-known hot melt glue manufacturer since 2000. We provide professional services with over 500 types of economic products. Our hot glue bulk is used in packaging, woodworking, shoe industry, book-bonding etc. Our hot melt glue types supply samples, bulk price and freight quotes upon request. 

Hot melt adhesive China products are 100% solid room temperature adhesive, which is melted by heating and bonded after curing. Super strong hot  glue bulk sticks are environmentally friendly, safe, fast curing speed, is suitable for automatic production, and PSA pressure sensitive adhesive has other significant economic and social benefits, widely used in various fields. Renhe provides varieties of hot melt glue types, if you want to know the hot melt glue price and buy our hot glue, don't hesitate to inquire us.

Hot Melt Glue Application

Hot melt glue uses in various industries, which is ideal for situations where simplified processing, streamlined manufacturing, and end-product protection are required. Hot melt adhesive applications are diverse and some are even unknown in hot melt glue China so far. Typical hot melt glue applications are like packaging, woodworking, book-bonding, electronic, automotive, DIY, etc. 

Hot Glue Adhesive FAQs

  • Q:

    What is hot glue made of?

    The hot glue materials chosen in formulas decide its function, cost, availability, and performance. In general, hot melt is composed of a polymer (which can come in various forms) and several additives.  Additives include resins, waxes, and plasticizers. Other chemicals can be added to give hot melt more properties. Inquiry for more products direct from China pressure sensitive adhesive suppliers.

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    Is hot glue toxic

    Hot melt glue, unlike water-based or solvent-based adhesives, it is 100% solid at room temperature. No need to volatilize make it no toxic and environment friendly. It can be used in sanitary and medical applications. 

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