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Hot Melt Adhesive for Bookbinding

Renhe Hot Melt Adhesive is a reliable book binding glue supplier, and our hot melt adhesive for bookbinding are widely used in various textbooks, hardcover books, picture albums, manuals, magazines, etc., and hot melt glue for book binding can bond coated paper and offset paper ranging from 80-200g. Hot glue for book binding is divided into spine glue and side glue according to its purpose.

Types of Hot Glue Book Binding

The hot glue for book binding is mainly milky white, white, and transparent, and has higher color requirements, and this hot melt adhesive for bookbinding is generally harder than the side glue. As one type of hot glue book binding, the side glue is mainly yellow transparent, which requires high bonding strength. Customers need to choose suitable types of hot melt adhesives for different paper materials, different hot melt glue types weights, and different speeds of hot melt adhesive equipment.

Advantages of Hot Glue for Book Binding

This book binding adhesive gum can be granular, small flake, small ball shape, with environmental protection, high bonding strength, fast curing, smooth operation, smokeless, odorless, no wire drawing and other characteristics. In addition, hot glue for book binding also requires good thermal stability and strong anti-aging ability of hot melt adhesive for bookbinding, otherwise, the color of binding glue for paper will become muddy after years, which will affect the appearance of the book. Renhe is one of the top industrial binding adhesive suppliers in China.

  • Spine Glue Spine Glue
    Moderate viscosity and moderate hardness for glue binding, which enables the book to be flat and stiff after being bound. Hot melt binding applications include different kinds of textbooks, hardcover books, picture albums, magazines etc.
  • Side Glue Side Glue
    The side glue and back glue used in book binding have different requirements for the perfect binding gluehardness, elongation, breaking strength and permanent deformation rate.
  • Lay-Flat Glue Lay-Flat Glue
    Glue for paper binding are flexible, high bonding strength, easy operation, and products are perfect matching for super thick books that can lay flat.
  • Art Paper Glue Art Paper Glue
    Paper binding glue is of good adhesion, odorless, cost-effective, products are workable for coated paper (art paper) less than 157g.
  • Album Glue Album Glue
    With various colors, good adhesive performance, and thermal stability, the photo Album Sheets can be bonded perfectly.
  • Catalogue Glue Catalogue Glue
    with excellent bonding strength, products can be used for fabric catalogue, such as polyester or cotton fabric.

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