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6 Tips for Extending the Shelf Life of Carton Sealing

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Carton sealing glue is an indispensable item in our daily life. There are many varieties of carton sealing glue. Some people want to choose a good viscosity sealing glue, so they always choose a very thick sealing glue, but in fact Not thicker and stickier. The sealing glue is only thicker and more sticky within the corresponding range, but in fact, the viscosity will not increase if it is too thick. The thicker the adhesive layer within the corresponding range, the better the contact between the sealing adhesive and the surface of the item, and the larger the contact area, the stronger the natural viscosity.

But in fact, after exceeding the corresponding thickness range, although the thickness is increasing, in fact, the contact area of the surrounding structure will not increase, so the viscosity will tend to be stable. Therefore, the thicker the sealing glue is not the better, it depends on the specific situation, so that you can buy the glue for carton box you want.

Ⅰ. The method of judging the viscosity of carton sealing

(1) Initial viscosity: that is, to test the strength of the original adhesion of the sealing glue to the adherend. The usual method is to use the national standard steel ball to roll down naturally on the sealing glue inclined at an angle of 45 degrees, and raise the steel ball in sequence. The size of the ball, the larger the steel ball it can stick to, the greater the initial viscosity.

(2) Stickiness: that is, the ability to maintain the stickiness after the sealing glue completely sticks to the object. The general test standard is: use the sealing glue with the specified strength to stick to the surface of two steel plates with different types of hot glue sticks, and then a steel plate. Hang it on the tester, and hang another 1kg weight to see how long the two steel plates can last without being separated.

(3) Peeling force test: Stick a specific steel plate with a standard width of sealing glue, and then tear the sealing glue from the steel plate with a manipulator, and the stable force of the manipulator reflects the magnitude of the peeling force.

Ⅱ. The skills to extend the service life of carton sealing

(1) The sealing glue needs to be unfolded and stored in rolls and cannot be folded. If the storage time is long, it needs to be turned over once every quarter, and the sealing glue should be stored in the warehouse to avoid sunlight and rain.

(2) The types and specifications of sealing glue should be scientifically and reasonably selected according to the needs of use.

(3) The stable operation of the sealing glue is directly related to its cleanliness. Foreign chemicals will interfere with the eccentricity of the sealing glue. If the sealing glue is found to be damaged during use, it is necessary to search for the cause. , and then repair it in time.

(4) Oxygen, because the amount of oxygen in the air accounts for 21%, and oxygen has the property of accelerating the oxidation of chemical substances, and its activity is very heavy, causing rapid oxidation of the sealing glue, and then causing the sealing glue to become "old". But when we paste the sealing glue, we should try not to let the sealing glue bubble out. Of course, for the breathable sealing glue, this factor is unavoidable.

(5) Ultraviolet rays (sunlight), ultraviolet rays have high temperature properties and can quickly decompose viscous chemicals, and the sealing glue exposed to UV light for a long time will be decomposed by it, causing the sealing glue to age. This depends on the place where the sealing glue is used, and it is possible to prevent the sealing glue from being exposed to the sun.

(6) Plasticizers, whose basic function is to soften plastics, and most plastic products contain plasticizers. With the passage of time, the proportion of chemical substances with plasticizers will continue to increase, resulting in the occurrence of plasticizers. aging, etc. Under the long-term interference of the above-mentioned various factors, the printing and sealing glue will be deteriorated, softened, cured, and loses its viscosity.

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