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Application of Hot Melt Adhesive Glue in Packaging Field and Analysis of New Technology in the Industry

Ⅰ. Why are hot melt adhesives favored in the packaging field?

1. What is hot melt adhesive glue?

HMA (Hot Melt Adhesive) is a solvent-free, moisture-free, 100% solid-melt polymer. It is solid at room temperature, and it becomes a fluid and viscous adhesive when heated to a certain extent. agent.

2. Advantages of hot melt adhesive glue:

1) Fast bonding, suitable for high-speed automatic production;

2) Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and solvent-free;

3) Insoluble in water, waterproof;

4) Can be filled;

5) Safe and simple operation of hot melt packaging adhesive;

6) The cost is extremely low;

7) It is suitable for long-distance transportation and storage, and has a long shelf life.

3. Application of hot melt adhesive glue in packaging

HMA is widely used in case sealing (corrugated and cardboard), carton forming, case sealing (standard bleaching, sulfate, fluorocarbon coating, film lamination), heat sealing, container labeling. In addition to these, HMA is also used in flexible packaging, small container closure, seal sensing, wrap-around over-wrapping and blister packaging.

4. How do hot melt adhesives meet the typical requirements for adhesives in the packaging market?

As we all know, high and low temperature resistance, very fast curing speed, moderate open time, moderate viscosity, and indirect contact with food are typical requirements for adhesives in the packaging market. These requirements often have these characteristics: strong adhesion, light color, no odor, low application temperature, and extremely low unit cost.

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