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Characteristics of Hot Melt Adhesive Glue

Today we will introduce the characteristics of hot melt adhesive.

Technical Characteristics of Hot Melt Adhesive Glue

Curing speed is fast, curing in a few seconds, with the characteristics of heating and melting, cooling and sticking, convenient for continuous, automatic high-speed operation, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost;

Heat melt adhesive is 100% solid content, no solvent, environmental protection, non-toxic, energy saving, no secondary pollution to the environment;

Non-reactive hot melt adhesive can be repeated melting bonding, especially suitable for some special process requirements of the component bonding, such as some cultural relics restoration;

Can be glued to a wide range of objects, both bonding and sealing, the application of a particularly wide range of paper, plastic, metal, ceramics, etc., have a good adhesion;

The construction is convenient, the equipment occupies a small area, saves manpower, can spray, roll coating, scraping coating, paint coating, line coating, and so on.

Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Market Characteristics

Hot melt adhesive is in the application of customer products, relative to the total value of the product, its own value is very small, but the impact on customer products is very huge, often because hot melt adhesive bonding is not good and loss of customer products overall value.

Renhe is a hot melt adhesive factory in China, we can manufacture different types of hot melt adhesives at competitive wholesale hot melt adhesive prices. EVA hot melt adhesivepolyolefin hot melt adhesive, SBC and polyamide hot melt adhesive.

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