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Common Problems and Correct Operation Methods of the Hot Glue for Woodworking

Woodworking edge banding is a very important step in furniture making. The perfect completion of each step is an expected signal that a good edge sealing effect can be achieved.

Although woodworking edge banding is not complicated, it is only a few simple operation steps, but the production operation focuses on efficiency. What a wonderful thing it is to be able to finish wood edgebanding time and time again with efficiency and quality.

Ⅰ. Correct operation steps for bonding with hot glue for woodworking

1. According to the workpiece to be processed and its edge sealing requirements, select the edge sealing glue. The furniture edge sealant that can match the edge banding requirements and has strong performance can lay a good foundation for the high-quality woodworking edge banding effect.

2. Let the rubber wheel of hot melt glue for wood on the edge banding machine raise the temperature to 180 degrees. When the corresponding signal indicator lights up, press the start button to ensure that the pressure of the air compressor is 0.65 Pa. above.

3. In the melting stage of the woodworking edge sealing glue, it is better to control the temperature of the glue between 160 degrees and 200 degrees Celsius.

The temperature of the rubber shaft of the edge banding machine should be ensured between 180 °C and 210 °C. It is about 185°C in summer and needs to rise by 5-10°C in winter, and the aging equipment may have temperature deviation.

4. Install the base material for the edge banding machine, including edge banding strips and plates. Among them, the workpiece should be close to the guide rail baffle, so that the plate to be edge-sealed can be pushed in parallel and evenly.

5. The quality inspection of hot woodworking adhesive is very important, so be sure to carry out a quality inspection before sealing the edge of each sheet.

6. The environment of edge sealing will affect the effect of woodworking edge sealing. As a material receiving person, you should clean up the dust or debris on the surface of the board before stacking it, to lay a good foundation for the fineness of the board after edge sealing.

7. After each edge banding operation or before the operation, be sure to clean up the residue of wood chips and woodworking glue on the edge banding machine. When the edge banding machine is not used for a long time, its power should be cut off.

In the intermittent period of the edge banding machine, the temperature in the plastic tank should be lowered, and it should be controlled at 120 to 150 degrees.

Ⅱ. The common problems of hot glue for edge banding

1. The edge banding falls off: check whether the operation is correct, operate according to the machine operation requirements and the correct parameters of the hot melt adhesive; check whether the edge banding machine is normal.

Whether the back coating of the edge banding tape is normal, if it is veneer edge banding, check whether it is a resin species, or whether the wettability of the non-woven fabric on the back is qualified; whether the hot glue model is suitable; whether there is any problem with the quality of hot glue for woodworking.

2. Insufficient edge sealing strength: whether the type of hot melt adhesive used is appropriate; whether the sheet is too fluffy or unqualified, and whether the stacking time of the sheet is too long, resulting in too much dust at the port;

Whether the edge sealing is contaminated; whether the back coating of the glue for edge banding sealing is uniform; the temperature of the hot melt adhesive is not up to standard, the pressure of the edge sealing machine is not enough, and the operating pressure of the manual edge sealing machine is manually controlled, which is particularly prone to the above problems; the operating environment temperature is too low.

3. Model of glue line: the model is not correct. For example, fast glue is used on a slow-speed machine and is not glued. The woodworking glue has begun to solidify, resulting in insufficient pressing; straight.

The edge band is deformed and is not horizontal or curved enough; the pressure wheel of the edge banding machine is worn, and the pressure is uneven up and down, and the glue line on one side will be thick; The amount of glue applied is too large, and the glue overflows.

4. Drawing polluted sheet: the quality of hot glue for woodworking is not good; the model is not selected properly, such as slow glue is used on the high-speed machine, the opening time of hot-melt glue is too long, and the glue is slow to dry; the temperature of hot-melt glue is too high, or The speed of the edge banding machine is too fast; the amount of glue applied is too large; the quality of the glue roller is not good, and the glue cannot be evenly applied or adjusted reasonably.

5. The spray paint falls off after a few days after edge sealing: the edge sealing does not reach the highest bond strength, check whether the operation is reasonable, or whether the quality of woodworking glue is up to standard; the spray paint on the sealing veneer falls off, and check whether the back of the veneer is too much grease or there is no wetting ability of woven (paper).

The veneer spray paint peels off, check whether the pores of the veneer are too large and whether the solvent of the paint penetrates the glue to damage the film; the quality of the hot melt adhesive does not meet the requirements, and the low-temperature glue is not suitable for this kind of process.

The edge is not handled well, the glue line is too thick, resulting in poor sealing, and the solvent is easy to penetrate the hot glue for woodworking film, destroying the strength.

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