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Conventional Parameters of Hot Melt Glue Sticks in the Industry

As a fast consumable, hot melt sticks are often used in daily life. But few people know what industry standard parameters are for hot melt sticks.

1. Conventional standard for hot melt glue stick China

(1) Diameter standard

There are only 2 standard diameters for hot melt sticks, 7mm small sticks and 11mm large sticks. 7mm±0.3mm or 11mm±0.3mm are also close to the size that customers need. The standard error range for diameter is ±0.2mm.

(2) length standard

The standard length of hot melt glue stick is 27CM and 30CM. But some e-commerce platform customers will customize: 10CM, 15CM, 19CM, 20CM, 25CM and other special lengths. The error range of the length standard is about ±3mm.

(3) Softening point standard

The critical point at which the hot melt glue stick china softens is called the softening point. The softening point of ordinary eva glue stick type hot melt sticks is generally around 80 °C. Tested by a professional softening point tester. There are also some customers who require hot melt sticks to have temperature resistance requirements, generally 100°C, 110°C, 120°C, and 130°C softening point requirements.

(4) Standard of viscosity

Viscosity refers to the thin consistency. Generally, the viscosity is tested by the ring and ball method, which refers to the thinness of the hot melt adhesive at 180 °C. The higher the viscosity value, the thicker the hot melt adhesive, and the harder it is to glue. The lower the viscosity value, the thinner the hot melt adhesive, and the easier it is to glue. The general standard hot melt adhesive viscosity is about 6000CPS.

2. How to use the hot melt glue stick China

Regarding the use of hot melt sticks, the more formal operation method is to use a hot melt glue gun to operate the glue. The hot melt glue gun can accurately control the temperature rise, making the glue application more operable, and can control the glue amount well. The correct way to operate the hot melt glue gun is as follows:

When the hot-melt glue gun is in a cooling state, insert the hot-melt glue stick into the glue slot of the glue gun; plug in the power of the hot-melt glue gun, turn on the switch, heat up the machine, and make the glue stick fully melt; when applying glue, let the glue gun Aim at the object to be glued, pull the trigger, control the amount of glue through the feel, and evenly spread the melted glue on the surface of the object to be glued; press the glued objects together, and the glue will be formed after cooling. When the glue application operation is not carried out temporarily, the hot melt glue gun should be set up to avoid accidents; when the glue application is completed, the power supply is disconnected. If the glue stick is not used up, you don't need to take it out. When you use it next time, you can insert a new glue stick when no glue is pushed out.

In addition to using a hot melt glue gun, other methods can also be flexibly adopted for the glue application operation when the site conditions do not allow and there is no hot melt glue gun. For example, you can directly heat one end of the hot-melt glue stick, and after it melts, apply the glue to the object that needs to be glued, then press the object, and wait for the glue to solidify.

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