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Environmental Protection of Hot Melt Glue Stick and How to Match the Glue Gun?

Ⅰ. Can the hot melt glue stick be used repeatedly?

Hot melt glue sticks are environmentally friendly and renewable environmentally friendly adhesives, which are widely used in toys and electronic processing. The use of hot-melt glue sticks must be used with hot-melt adhesives of the same specification.

When the temperature drops below 75°C, the hot melt adhesive cures to achieve a sticky effect. There are some ways to use glue stick china to make it reusable and environmentally friendly.

1. Different types of glue sticks should be fully preheated.

2. The hot melt glue stick needs to be fully melted before it can be squeezed on the workpiece. Otherwise, the characteristics of the hot melt adhesive will not play well. It is strictly forbidden to use a lighter to burn, and a hot melt glue gun must be used.

3. The hot melt glue stick is no longer used in the hot melt glue gun for a short time. The hot melt glue gun should be erected with the gun head of the hot melt glue gun facing down, so as to prevent the hot melt glue stick from melting and reflowing, and there is no used hot melt glue. Do not pull out the glue stick.

4. Hot melt glue stick is a kind of adhesive that is convenient for storage and transportation, and its shelf life is generally more than 12 months. If it is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a cool place.

5. If the hot-melt glue stick is too hard due to being placed for too long, the hot-melt glue stick should be soaked in appropriate warm water to alleviate the problems caused by the hot-melt glue stick being stored for too long.

Ⅱ. How to use the hot melt glue stick with the tool hot melt glue gun?

1. To use the hot-melt glue gun normally, you need to prepare a     hot-melt glue stick first. The glue stick can be inserted through the hole at the back of the hot-melt gun, and then inserted to the end.

2. Because the hot melt gun melts the glue stick by heating, then insert the power plug of the hot melt gun into the socket.

3. After the hot-melt gun is connected to the power supply, you can turn on the power switch on the hot-melt gun. At this time, the power-on heating indicator on the hot-melt gun will light up; the higher the power marked on the hot-melt gun, the faster the heating. quick.

4. How long after the power is heated, can the hot melt glue gun be used? This varies according to the temperature and the power of the hot melt glue gun. Generally, you can start using it when you see that the nozzle of the hot melt glue gun starts to flow out glue.

5. When using the hot melt gun, as long as you hold the handle of the hot melt gun and press the handle with your fingers, the hot melt glue stick will be pushed forward, and the glue stick will pass through the heating tube to squeeze out the glue.

6. Pick up the hot melt gun and use the nozzle to face the object to be glued, press the handle to squeeze the glue, and it can start to stick. When it is not needed, stop pressing the handle, turn off the power, and after the hot melt gun cools down, The glue will not flow out, and do not pull out the hot melt glue stick inserted in it, so as not to damage the hot melt glue gun.

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