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Hot Melt Glue Application and Tips for Using Hot Melt Glue Gun

1. The hot glue uses

Many people like hot glue material, and the quick setting is its most valuable feature. However, it is not a particularly sticky adhesive, and it is more suitable for a slightly thicker coating, which makes it generally unsuitable for high-quality wood processing. Some cheap cabinets are completely separated because of the use of hot melt glue.

But this does not affect its versatility and usability. Hot glue bulk is widely used in crafts and artificial flowers. It is used in manufacturing to seal cardboard boxes and some product assembly. Wholesale hot melt adhesive have high-temperature and low-temperature formulations. When used as an auxiliary adhesive, it is good to use it to hold objects together for tightening or primary bonding.

Many types of hot melt glues are specially used in the industrial field, and their strength and durability far exceed those used in conventional hardware/craft products. For example, the joint tape used in the production of carpets has a special hot-melt adhesive attached, which makes the quality of the carpet joints durable. Renhe has hot melt packaging adhesiveglue for paper bindingwoodworking adhesiveair filter adhesiveadhesives for automotive industry and medical skin glue.

2. Instructions and tips for hot melt glue application

The hot melt gun is easy to use. Insert the spray gun, wait for it to heat up, and then squeeze the trigger to apply the adhesive. The melted glue is very hot and will instantly burn the skin, so be careful! Press and hold the parts to be glued together and keep them in shape. If it is applied thinly, it will take a few seconds. If it is thicker, it will take a few more seconds.

Sometimes the glue stick cannot be fed incorrectly and may need to be pushed. Squeezing too much glue at one time will cause the spray gun mechanism to slip onto the spray bar until more glue sticks melt. In addition, once the glue stick is almost used up, a second glue stick may be needed to push the first one.

3. Applications of different hot glue uses

Some hot melt glues dry almost immediately and are most suitable for situations where repositioning of parts is not necessary and efficiency is important, such as the production of some crafts. On the other hand, if you are doing something that takes time to locate parts, for example, you need to install wedges when making a gypsum board, then the slow-setting glue is more suitable. This slow-solidifying hot melt glue has to waste the remaining glue sticks used at the beginning every time the glue is changed.

Most importantly, hot melt glues are now generally designed for thick coating, because the stickiness seems to be the best only when the coating is not too thin. This means that it cannot be used in places with strict tolerances, such as fine woodworking. If it is to be used for fine woodworking, there is no problem, because there are stronger and better adhesives specially designed for woodworking, such as polyurethane glue or good old wood glue. These are open for a long time, and there is time to reposition the fixture. Check different types of hot glue sticks and PSA pressure sensitive adhesive if you have any interests.

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