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What to Consider When Choosing a Carton Sealing Hot Melt Adhesive?

Hot-melt adhesive sealing is to use a hot-melt machine to melt the hot-melt adhesive into a liquid, and then send it to the surface of the carton through the throat and spray gun of the hot-melt machine. After the hot-melt adhesive is cooled, the bonding is completed. It can meet various requirements of carton sealing, and overcome the defects existing in the traditional carton sealing form. The affinity of hot-melt sealing adhesive and different materials to be bonded is different.  According to RHadhesive hot melt glue supplier, In order to make hot-melt adhesive better play "stickiness", the following factors should be carefully considered when selecting hot-melt adhesive.

1. The color of carton sealing glue

Due to the different colors of the objects to be adhered, the color requirements for the hot-melt sealing glue should be different. If the adherend itself has no special requirements for color, it is recommended to use yellow hot melt adhesive. Generally speaking, yellow hot melt adhesive is more viscous than white.

2. Surface treatment of hot melt carton sealing adhesive to be adhered

The surface treatment of hot melt adhesive is not as strict as that of other adhesives, but the dust and oil on the surface of the adhered should also be properly treated, so that the hot melt china adhesive can play a better role in bonding.

3. Working time of hot melt carton sealing glue

Fast operation is a major feature of hot melt sealing glue. The operation time of hot melt adhesive is generally about 15 seconds. With the wide application of modern production methods - assembly line, the operation time of hot melt adhesive is required to be shorter and shorter.

4. The temperature resistance of hot melt carton sealing glue

Hot melt adhesives are sensitive to temperature. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the hot melt adhesive begins to soften; below a certain temperature, the hot melt adhesive will become brittle, so the choice of hot melt adhesive must fully consider the environmental temperature changes.

5. The viscosity of hot melt carton sealing glue

The viscosity of hot melt sealing adhesive is divided into early viscosity and late viscosity. Only when the early viscosity and late viscosity are consistent, can the hot melt adhesive and the adherend remain stable. In the production process of hot melt adhesive, it should be ensured that it has oxidation resistance, halogen resistance, acid and alkali resistance and plasticity.

For industrial enterprises, when the product is put into the carton, the next step is to face the problem of sealing. The vast majority of enterprises generally use the traditional U-shaped sealing nails, bundling plastic braids and other forms. And these forms of sealing more or less have certain defects; if the adhesive force of the self-adhesive tape is not strong, the special or oily cardboard will not stick at all. In addition, it is also easy to open glue in cold climate regions. Binding plastic braids is expensive and not environmentally friendly. Nails can easily affect the surface quality of product packaging, and can easily damage the products in the box. Glue for carton box is a new type of carton sealing material that appeared in the 1960s. After more than 40 years of promotion, hot-melt adhesive carton sealing technology has developed into a major form of carton sealing.

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