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What to Do with Hot Melt Glue Strings?

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During the operation of using hot melt glue, customers often find that the hot melt glue will have a drawing phenomenon. The drawing of hot melt glue not only affects construction efficiency, but also affects the beauty of the product, and may even affect the bonding effect. So how to solve the problem of hot melt glue drawing?

Methods for Resolving Hot Melt Glue Stringing Issues

First of all, we need to understand the reasons for the drawing of hot melt glue, and solve the problem according to different reasons.

If the temperature of the hot melt glue gun or hot melt glue equipment is too low, the viscosity of the adhesive will increase, resulting in drawing. Therefore, in this case, you can consult the hot melt glue manufacturer for the construction temperature of the hot melt glue, choose an industrial high-power glue gun, or appropriately increase the equipment operating temperature.

The cohesion force of the hot melt glue is too strong, and the probability of resisting deformation of the colloid is greater during construction, making it less likely to break and causing noticeable drawing. The smaller the cohesion force, the easier it is to break during construction, and the less likely it is to have flying threads. Choosing a product with a smaller cohesion force, provided that the bonding strength of the product is satisfied, can reduce the occurrence of drawing. Alternatively, raise the construction temperature of the product to increase the flowability of the colloid to reduce drawing.

Hot glue is fluid at high temperatures, which is mainly related to the selection and proportion of the adhesive.The shorter the curing time of the hot melt glue, the easier it is to stop flowing and the less likely it is to have drawing. Under the conditions of process permission, choosing a hot melt glue with a short curing time is more conducive to reducing drawing. If strict process requirements, choose a non-drawing hot melt glue. This can effectively reduce this phenomenon.

Under high temperature, the hot melt glue gradually undergoes cohesive destruction, and the macromolecular structure gradually decomposes into small molecules. The flowability of the adhesive increases and the curing time lengthens, resulting in drawing. In the case of determining the performance damage of the adhesive, cleaning the glue tank and replacing it with a new hot melt glue can solve this problem.

The Curing Time of Hot Melt Glue Is Crucial to the Occurrence of Drawing

Generally, hot melt glue with a short curing time at high temperature has a low probability of drawing. When the fine thread formed at the outlet of the hot melt glue gun solidifies rapidly, it cannot be elongated and is prone to rupture, and sometimes it is not even visible that a thread has been pulled out. If the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the adhesive itself will increase, causing drawing.

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