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An Introduction to Basic Components and Quality Assessment of Hot Melt Glue Sticks

In our daily lives, whether it is art creation, crafting, or simple patching, a hot glue gun is always a great tool, and of course, it is accompanied by hot glue sticks. But do you really know hot glue sticks?

The primary raw material for white hot glue sticks is EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and other auxiliary materials made at high temperatures, which is also known as resin. EVA resin is the most important material for making hot glue sticks, accounting for about 55% of the total amount. The basic characteristics of hot glue sticks depend on the quality and quantity of EVA resin used, such as the adhesion strength, melting point, and selection of auxiliary materials. Therefore, hot glue sticks used for furniture or crafts are roughly selected with the right amount of EVA resin, with a certain degree of flexibility, elasticity, adhesive strength, and minimal deformation.

Hot glue sticks require constant innovation and development

To modify the existing hot glue sticks, it is necessary to improve the characteristics of the hot glue sticks through mixing, chemical reactions, etc. For example, stabilizers are used to prevent oxidation, thickening agents are used to increase adhesion strength, and white wax is used to reduce surface characteristics. Various materials can increase adhesion strength, softening point, and bonding strength. Explore the quality and quantity of various auxiliary materials, and improve the formula to meet different needs.

Methods to judge the quality of hot glue sticks

First of all, hot melt adhesive is a polymer compound, and the main indicators for judging the quality of hot glue sticks are: peel strength indicator, melt viscosity indicator, softening point indicator, viscosity indicator, and appearance indicator. Some indicators need to be tested with professional instruments, and some indicators need to be tested under appropriate environments. Secondly, the hot melt adhesive is melted and made into a tape about 1CM wide and 0.2CM thick. After cooling, the tape is stretched by hand to check if the stretch rate of the hot melt adhesive can reach the standard. Whether the tensile strength is strong enough, and whether the fracture of the hot melt adhesive can keep its color unchanged. If there is powdery substance at the fracture of the hot melt adhesive, it indicates that there are too many fillers or uneven mixing in the production of hot glue, or the particle size of the fillers is too large, which will result in a decrease in the quality of hot glue.

The temperature resistance test of hot glue sticks is to place the hot glue sticks or granules in a 0℃ environment, keep them for 24 hours, and take them out and strike them with a hard object. If the hot glue breaks, it indicates that the low-temperature resistance performance of the hot glue is poor. After placing the hot glue in a 40℃ temperature environment for a certain period of time, if the hot glue becomes soft, self-adhesive or sticky, it indicates that the softening point of the glue is too low.

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