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Bind Your Books with Hot Glue

Books are our spiritual support! Books rubbed daily, have become the necessity in our life system. It builds thoughts, regulates behavior, comforts spirits, and expresses emotions.

As far as book design is concerned, the overall design of the book is crucial. The choice of book material and binding form is the embodiment of its unique personality, and the way of bookbinding makes your book more flavorful.

1. Hot melt glue for book binding

(1) Plastic packaging

Perfect binding is also known as glue binding or wireless perfect binding.Renhe is one of the top binding adhesive suppliers. Instead of using stitches or nails to secure the pages, it uses hot-melt adhesive to glue the signatures or pages together to make the book block.

Usually, the pages are numbered. Saw into grooves on the spine or milled to make a single sheet. After bumping, use hot melt adhesives to bond the signature firmly, and then glue the cover. Glue-bound book blocks are available in paperback or hardcover.

(2) Threading glue pack

Threading perfect binding is similar to the combination of "stitch binding" and "perfect binding". It is to first assemble and paste the inner pages of the book into a book, fix the back of the book using thread binding, and then paste the book sticker on the cover with hot melt adhesives. It is the best binding method for paperback books.

If the hot melt glue for book binding is well selected and the binding method is correct, then our books can be used normally for many years.

2. How to correctly use hot glue to make books?

(1) Heating temperature

Hot melt adhesives are sensitive to temperature changes, and temperature will directly affect their bonding properties. When a certain temperature is reached, the hot melt adhesive will begin to soften, and when it is below a certain temperature, the hot melt adhesive will become brittle. Therefore, the influence of temperature on its bonding properties must be considered when selecting hot glue.

Since the hot melt adhesive needs to be heated before use, to ensure the quality of the wireless adhesive packaging, the temperature of the hot melt adhesive in the preheater and the glue pot must be strictly controlled, especially the temperature of the hot melt adhesive in the glue pot.

For the same kind of hot glue, the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity, the easier it is to penetrate between the pages, and the better the binding quality. But it's not that the higher the temperature, the better. If the temperature is too high, the polymer of the main component of the hot melt adhesive will undergo thermal depolymerization, thereby reducing the adhesion of the hot melt adhesive.

However, the temperature should not be too low. If the temperature is too low, the fluidity of the hot melt adhesive will decrease, which means that the bonding firmness will decrease. For ordinary books, the heating temperature of hot glue is 150-180℃, and the preheating temperature of preheater and glue pot is usually 15-20℃ lower than the working temperature of hot melt adhesive.

For books with thick book blocks and good paper quality, the heating temperature of the hot melt adhesive can reach 175-185 °C. In addition, during the heating process, the hot melt adhesive needs to be continuously heated to keep it at a constant temperature to avoid the influence of temperature changes on its performance.

(2) Coating time

The solidification speed of the hot melt adhesive is very fast, and there is no need to heat and dry it. The hot glue can be solidified after 7-30 seconds after leaving the glue pot. Therefore, it is necessary to control the coating time of the hot melt adhesive.

Only when the coating work is completed within this time frame can a good bonding effect be obtained. On the contrary, there will be the phenomenon that the bonding is not strong, the sticking is not sticking, or the pages are dropped after sticking.

(3) Thickness of adhesive layer

In the coating process, the amount of hot glue will also directly affect the quality of wireless adhesive packaging. Under normal circumstances, people think that the thicker the adhesive layer, the higher the bond fastness between the pages. It is a wrong.

In actual production, we found that when the thickness of the adhesive layer increased to a certain value, the bond firmness showed a downward trend instead. Therefore, if we blindly pursue an excessively thick adhesive layer, we will not only fail to achieve the desired bonding effect, but will waste hot glue, increase the thickness of books and periodicals, and affect the reading effect.

Therefore, the thickness of the adhesive layer should be selected according to the thickness of the book, the type of printing paper, and the type of hot melt adhesive.

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