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[Invitation] 2021' China Printing City (Long Gang Wenzhou) Professional Printing and Packaging Equipment Exposition

Date: Apr.24-27,2021
Add: Longgang New City Development and Construction Center Square
Booth No: 02_B ball
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Ren He Hot Melt Adhesive Co., Ltd. Enjoyed 2021' China Printing City Professional Printing and Packaging Equipment Exposition

Exhibition introduction: Longgang, born and prospered by reforms, is an important birthplace of the Wenzhou model. After more than 30 years of extraordinary entrepreneurship, Longgang has created an amazing development legend. Starting from the family industry at the beginning of the town, vigorously developing the private economy, it has become one of the three major printing and packaging industry bases in the country. Four national gold business cards, including "China Printing City", "China Gift City", "China Printing Materials Trading Center", and "China Taiwan Calendar Distribution Center", have been awarded. The city's printing and packaging industry now have 741 enterprises, 152 regulated enterprises, and super There are 12 enterprises with an annual output value of nearly 15 billion yuan. It can be said that the development of Longgang's printing industry has continued to rise and grow along with the process of Longgang's urbanization, supporting Longgang's growth from five small fishing villages to the country's first "township reform". Since the establishment of the city, we have successfully been approved as a provincial economic development zone, and have successively landed on a number of high-level platforms such as Longgang Branch of Wenzhou High-tech Zone, Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Longgang Research Institute of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, etc., which will help Longgang Printing Industrial transformation and upgrading.

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