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Medical Application of Hot Glue of Anti-epidemic Material!

The Covid-19 virus is spreading around the world, and medical supplies are very scarce. Countries have organized efforts to increase the production of protective equipment, but the supply is still insufficient.

"Mask" has become one of the most popular words this year. Masks are now an industry. The supply of protective clothing and other medical supplies is actually very tight. Medical adhesive for skin is widely used in medical protective equipment due to its fast curing, excellent adhesion, environmental protection and non-toxic characteristics.

Hot melt adhesive glue is the abbreviation of hot melt adhesive and is an important category in the adhesive industry. It has the characteristics of 100% solid content, no solvent, environmental protection, non-toxic, and fast curing.

Hot melt adhesive usually refers to a solid state at room temperature, and when heated to a certain temperature, it melts into a viscous liquid. After coating and wetting the adherend, after pressing and cooling to room temperature, the hot melt adhesive will be bonded in a few seconds.

Therefore, it is widely used in industries such as medical protection products, daily hygiene products, automated hot melt packaging adhesive, tape labels, electronic appliances, and types of automotive adhesives products interiors.

1. Application of hot glue on medical labels

The country's remediation of the pharmaceutical industry, such as the implementation of GMP certification, has prompted the pharmaceutical industry to more standardize packaging labels. Medical labels mainly include blood bag labels, infusion labels, medicine bottle labels, cryogenic labels, wristband labels, etc.

Because medicines have high requirements for safety and sanitation, clear printing patterns and concise text are required, and the label paper must not have glue overflow, so as to prevent the medicine itself from sticking to dust in the air. This requires the selection of hot glue with more uniform glue coating and better surface material adaptability.

2. The Application of hot glue on the cover of sterile wipes

Disinfecting wipes play an important role in eliminating viruses and reducing infection. However, the bonding problem of the sterile wipes cover is the bonding of the hard ABS cover and the soft PET or PP film (hard-to-stick material). It needs to have a strong adhesive force, sufficient strength at lower temperatures, and a certain high temperature resistance (in container transportation). Hot glue solves this problem well because of its fast curing and excellent adhesion.

At the same time, its small viscosity can reduce the construction temperature on the one hand, and on the other hand can prevent the damage of the colloid performance due to high temperature and the phenomenon of wire drawing.

3. Application of hot glue on disposable protective mattress

The composite of the protective mattress is similar to the protective clothing. The hot melt adhesive is used in the composite of the PE breathable film and the water-repellent non-woven fabric, and the bonding strength is required to achieve the effect of breaking the material on both sides. Hot glue usually uses SBC type structural adhesive, and the gluing weight is 1.8-4.0g/㎡. This kind of hot melt adhesive products have the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, fast bonding, and strong bonding force.

4. Application of hot glue on the nose strip of mask

There are many types of masks, but they all have nasal bridge strips, which can be used to fix the mask on the bridge of the nose to effectively isolate the virus and ensure smooth exhalation.

The nose bridge is mostly a thin aluminum strip with a certain strength, but it is also easy to bend, making it convenient to wear a mask. The fixation of the bridge of the nose is mostly bonded with hot-melt adhesive. The mask nose strip hot glue is first compounded on the bridge of the nose, and then hot-pressed and pasted on the production line.

5. Application of hot glue on protective clothing

The production of medical protective clothing mainly uses equipment such as lockstitch sewing machine, overlock sewing machine and laminating machine to cut, splice, fasten, and glue laminating strips to meet the requirements of non-woven fabrics. After functional finishing (water repellent, blood repellent, alcohol repellent, anti-static), it is made into medical protective clothing containing hooded tops and trousers.

Hot melt adhesive is used in the composite of PE breathable film and water repellent non-woven fabric. The bonding strength of hot glue is required to achieve the effect of breaking the material on both sides. Hot melt adhesive usually uses SBC type structural adhesive, and the glue weight is 1.8-4.0 g/㎡; some more demanding medical protective clothing will use PUR hot glue.

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