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Points to Consider When Choosing Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Hot melt glue sticks are a universal type of hot melt glue sticks, with a wide range of applications. They are widely used in the bonding of daily necessities, positioning of electrical components, bonding of laminated glass, use of packaging boxes, positioning of devices in furniture production, production of luggage and interior materials, as well as bonding of pearl cotton. They are one of the types of hot melt glue in pearl cotton. Next, we will introduce how to use hot melt glue sticks and precautions for choosing hot melt glue sticks.

How to Use Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Hot melt glue sticks should be used with a glue gun. First, glue should be applied with a hot melt glue gun.

Then insert the glue stick into the hot melt gun and plug it in to heat it up for a while.

At this point, pulling the trigger of the gun will release the glue.

We can also directly heat one end of the super strong hot melt glue sticks with a lighter, apply it to the place to be bonded, and wait for the glue to solidify. Using hot melt glue sticks for paper products, cardboard boxes, crafts, and handmade products is convenient and reliable and holds stronger compared to regular glue.

Precautions for Choosing Hot Melt Glue Sticks

You can tell if the glue stick is of poor quality just by looking at it, such as uneven color and obvious impurities inside. The price of low-quality glue sticks is generally under one yuan per stick. In contrast, good glue sticks have uniform color, no visible impurities, and some numbers printed on them. Good quality glue sticks generally cost more than one yuan per stick.

The Color of the Glue Stick Also Makes a Difference

Generally, it should match the color of the material being bonded. If there are no special requirements, it is recommended to use yellow hot melt glue, which usually has better adhesion than white glue sticks.

Surface Treatment of the Material to Be Bonded

Hot melt glue does not have as strict requirements for surface treatment of the material to be bonded as other adhesives, but proper treatment of dust and oil on the surface of the material will enhance the bonding effectiveness of hot melt glue.

Working Time

Fast operation is a major feature of hot melt glue. The working time of hot melt glue is generally about 15 seconds. With the widespread use of modern production methods such as assembly lines, the working time of hot melt glue is becoming shorter. For example, bookbinding and speaker manufacturing require a working time of around 5 seconds.

Temperature Resistance

Hot melt glue is sensitive to temperature. It softens as the temperature reaches a certain level and becomes brittle below a certain temperature. Therefore, when choosing hot melt glue, the temperature changes in the environment where the product is located must be fully taken into account.


The adhesiveness of hot melt glue includes initial adhesiveness and final adhesiveness. Only when the initial adhesiveness and final adhesiveness are consistent, hot melt glue can maintain stability with the material being bonded. In the production process of hot melt glue, it should have antioxidant, halogen resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and plasticity. The adhesiveness of hot melt glue varies depending on the material being bonded, so different hot melt glues should be selected according to different materials.

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